Create formal learning and development programs

Equip workers to perform specific job and computer tasks

Workers learn on their own without help from an instructor

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Instructor Led Training
Workers are guided through the learning process by a facilitator

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Performance Support
Workers can access support on their own after formal training is complete

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What do you want to train your workers on?


Enable workers to use standard enterprise or industry-specific software applications effectively.

Explain the importance of following policies related to use of company hardware, personal devices, and information security.


Ensure workers willing comply with federal and provincial legislation such as employment standards and occupational health and safety standards.

Educate workers on why they need to follow company policies like ethics, privacy, confidentiality, and conflict of interest.


Show workers how to conduct environmental risk and hazard assessments.

Identify and address safety concerns unique to your company.

Prepare workers to respond in emergencies such as fires, floods, power outages, security breaches, natural disasters.

Prepare workers to enact business continuity plans in the event of an emergency.

Human Resources

Onboard new workers and get them up to speed quickly.

Describe how compensation, benefits, health and wellness, and performance is managed at your company, and how to follow related processes and procedures.

Change Management

Encourage workers to get on board with business decisions.

Address knowledge or skill gaps created by changes in the workplace.

Close the gap between what your workers currently know and what they need to know or do differently in the future.


Make it easy for workers follow processes and procedures consistently across the company.

Provide job-specific training for workers based on their roles and responsibilities.

Set up workers to complete tasks and procedures the way you want them to.

Research & Analysis
Instructional Design
Writing & Graphics
Multimedia Production
Measurement & Evaluation


Follow an industry-standard model






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Develop on-demand training programs

Self-Directed eLearning

Repurpose existing learning materials or convert PowerPoint into a sustainable e-learning package

Interactive eLearning

Use multimedia to help learners understand concepts and build knowledge

Scenario-Based eLearning

Enable learners to develop technical skills and abilities with interactive practice scenarios


Develop instructor-led training programs

Create a personal learning experience for workers

Traditional ILT

  • Build relationships among workers by delivering training face-to-face in small groups.
  • Encourage conversation and two-way communication between learners and instructors.
  • Give workers the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers immediately from subject matter experts.
  • Prepare yourself or other leaders to present to teams in your company.

Virtual ILT

  • Transition your traditional instructor-led training online with web-conferencing software.
  • Combine the strength of classroom-based training with the benefits of online learning.
  • Share your computer screen, use a digital whiteboard, and annotate materials as you go.
  • Record webinars for workers to view at a later time.


Develop job aids that workers can use to follow business processes and procedures on the job

Paper-Based Support

Focus on the task, not the tool

Digital Support

Get back to work in 2 minutes or less

Support Interfaces

Access a central location for support

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